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A New Perspective on Communications



The only constant in business is change. Trine can make sure you are prepared to embrace change in your company and your industry, whether that change is driven by you or forced upon you by external factors. Trine leverages our knowledge and experience to help you manage this change and achieve your business goals.


We'll help you establish thresholds and action plans so you understand how, when and where to engage negative news. We'll also help you prepare before a crisis strikes by identifying potential vulnerabilities and creating action plans to help mitigate these conflict areas. Trine ensures your audiences know what you stand for and trust that you're taking decisive actions to handle a crisis.   


Executives can't afford to work behind the scenes and assume their accomplishments will be understood and appreciated. Internal and external stakeholders alike need to hear from their leaders and understand not just the short-term and long-term goals, but the philosophy and motivation that drives those goals. At Trine, we understand the pressures leaders face and how to position them correctly to succeed in this environment.


We help you create, shape and share your story to make unbreakable connections with your audiences. Stories are what unite us as a people, and our expertise at storytelling will ensure your stakeholders know what makes you unique and worth their support.


Effectively communicating with your stakeholders is at the core of any communications strategy. Trine's data-driven stakeholder engagement focuses on crafting and refining key messaging  and outreach through audience analysis, measurement and evaluation. We'll ensure your stakeholders understand your company's story and value proposition so they buy in to your success.  

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