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The Purpose Pyramid

Have you been struggling to connect with your audience? Are your messages failing to resonate with your stakeholders? Are you disappointed with your customer or employee engagement? If so, you're not alone. In today's world, grabbing and holding someone's attention is more difficult than ever. But we think we've cracked the code. And much like our name, it's all about balance. 

Before we begin deploying customized tactics or writing key messages, Trine identifies and categorizes your various stakeholder groups. Then we analyze what you want your audience to think or feel and how you want them to act. Once we've done this, we develop and refine an engagement strategy for each specific stakeholder group. 

We call this our "Purpose Pyramid."

Purpose Pyramid.PNG

Trine believes the proper alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions is the definition of purpose. By demonstrating purpose in how you think, feel, and act, you'll connect with your audiences on a more fundamental level.


Likewise, if you create a sense of purpose for your stakeholders, they will embrace your message, make it their own, and become advocates for your organization. 

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